Note: The creator of Tilia, Eric Grimm, passed away in Fall 2020, and the Tilia architecture has changed since then. This website is thus largely a legacy website. To download Tilia, please see information here. If you run into any issues with Tilia, please contact the Neotoma Paleoecology Database team at: neotoma-contact[at]googlegroups.comTo read more about Eric and his legacy, please read this lovely tribute to someone who was truly a giant in the field of Quaternary science.


Tilia is software designed for managing and graphing paleontological data and metadata, especially stratigraphic data. The program is especially suitable for graphing microfossil data such as pollen, ostracodes, and diatoms, although it may be used for graphing virtually any kind of stratigraphic data.


Tilia runs on the Microsoft® Windows® platform, version XP or later, either 32-bit or 64-bit. Many users run Tilia on the Apple® Macintosh® under Parallels®or the Open Source VirtualBox.  



  • Spreadsheet for entering data, samples and variables (e.g. pollen taxa, loss-on-ignition, geochemical variables, charcoal).
  • Download data directly from the Neotoma Paleoecology Database.
  • Automated calculation of sums for calculation of percentages.
  • CONISS cluster analysis, both stratigraphically constrained and unconstrained.
  • Forms for entering metadata for site, collection unit (core, excavation). dataset, geochronologic data (e.g. radiocarbon dates), and age-model data, contacts, and publications.
  • Google Maps interface for acquiring site latitude-longitude coordinates.
  • Automated generation of simple age models using linear interpolation, polynomial interpolation, splines, and more.
  • Export of input files for other age modeling software (clam and Bacon) and import of sample ages produced by these programs.


All versions except the Free version have a Product Key, which unlocks functionality not available in the Free version.

  • Free. Includes spreadsheet, all spreadsheet calculations, all metadata forms, and all functionality with the Neotoma Paleoecology Database. Does not include graphics.
  • Professional. Includes all functionality, including graphics. License to an individual never expires. For individuals at not-for-profit academic institutions, Tilia is licensed to the individual, who may install the program on all computers belonging to that individual or under the direct control of that individual, for example an office desktop, lab computer, and personal laptop. Different individuals at the same institution require separate licenses. For individuals at commercial or for-profit institutions, Tilia is licensed to single computers.
  • Student. Includes all functionality of the Professional version, but product key expires after three years. The student may install the program on all computers he/she owns.
  • Multiple-Use Teaching. Includes all the functionality of the Professional version, but may be installed on multiple institutional machines for teaching purposes. This license is not a site license for multiple individuals.