Modern Age Models

Exporting Input Files for Age Modeling Programs


Tilia can write the input files for several modern modeling programs (Clam, Bacon, Bchron, OxCal) and can read the output files from these programs to assign sample ages. To write the input file for one of these models, click the + sign on the left side of a chronology to drop down the age controls for that chronology. Click anywhere in the yellow grid of age controls, which will expose the Link, Import, and Export buttons. Click the Export button to export the age controls to the input file for an age modeling program.


The Export Chron Controls dialog box will appear. Select the input file type for one of the age modeling programs Clam, Bacon, Bchron, or OxCal and any other parameters that may be activated upon selecting one of these.


Age Modeling Techniques





OxCal P_Sequence



Importing Sample Ages Exported from Age Modeling Programs




To import the ages saved from one of the above age modeling programs, make the data worksheet active and click Tools > Import Chronology and select the appropriate age modeling program.

Select the appropriate Chronology number. Some age modeling programs provide both the median and weighted mean, but whether both are available may depend on output options selected. Be sure to select an option that the age modeling program output. By default, ages are rounded to the nearest year. Click the Ok button to import the ages to the Tilia data worksheet.